Bitten Details

As 17 year old Hazel deals with her drunk dad she decides to get away from him. To get to her friends Heathers house she needs to walk through the woods. Hazel runs into Tyler one of the hottest boys at her school. As they are talking Hazel gets bit by something. What could it have possibly have been? Only you can find out.


Recently I have had a lot of stress due to multiple things. One being the Corona virus outbreak. This gives me stress because I worry about when it will all be over, if I will be able to leave my house again, and all the people dying. The second thing I am stressing about is my book. I am afraid that once I publish it no one will buy it. I think in a negative way sometimes and this needs to change. What I should be focusing on is how I finished writing a book and how I am going to get it published.

My new book

I have recently gotten into writing and I would like to publish my work for everyone to see. Writing helps me escape my own world and troubles. It also, makes me feel excited. I love to write and I have finished my 1st book called Going Crazy. Pretty soon I will publish this book. I will tell you a little bit about it. Going Crazy is about six friends that see fairies, creatures, kings, princesses, and so much more. Their parents think they are crazy when they are actually telling the truth. When one day they get out of inpatient and go back to their club house they can sense something is wrong. They open the extra door now on the club house and now they have been sucked into a different realm. What will they need to do to escape? Only you can find out. This is a perfect book for elementary school children that can read chapter books. I am really excited for children to read my book and get into a fantasy book.

1st day of home school

Today was my first day of home school due to the virus outbreak. I actually thought I would be glad about this situation but, I was not. Being at home not being able to leave the house is boring. I have to do everything in order and it is not as fun as I would like. I have to admit that I am actually glad I went to public school. Public school provided me friends and valid information. In conclusion I think school is there to help children to become more smart and independent.

Covid 19

All schools are shut down in the state of Illinois. I think I am going crazy. My anxiety levels are higher than they usually are. I am anxious about being stuck in the house because things can get very boring very quickly. This whole situation is new to me and many others because this has never happened before. I wasn’t very worried about this situation until I wasn’t allowed to go out of the house only for important things. I got worried because being stuck some where is never fun. Yes, I hate school but, I think this whole situation has opened my eyes to the fact that school might actually be a good thing. School was there to keep us busy and so that we can learn, it was not there to torture us. I think I have actually realized how good school was for me and others with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and so many more conditions. I think we all need to stay calm and just think that everything will get better because I am sure it will eventually.


It was the first day I went back to school after being out sick for a week. I am not going to lie but, transitioning back into school was hard. I shed a few tears because I can. Crying does not make you weak but, it makes you stronger. When you are crying you are thinking about what your upset about and thinking about this gives you more power. I feel super proud of myself because I braved the day and made it to the end of the tunnel. There is never light until you reach the end.


For the past few days I have needed to miss school because of a high fever and coughing due to the flu. The flu is not fun at all to have. It sucks. My mom shocked me by her wanting me to stay home and I wanted to go to school. I guess I knew I had important things going on that I shouldn’t miss but, I needed these few days to rejuvenate. I have been telling myself that I will be able to catch up and that I need to take time for myself. Usually I would be so happy to be missing school but, now I think it is boring staying home doing nothing. School feels like it goes by slow but, when you are at home it goes by so much faster. My point being is that you do not realize how fast things go until you actually think about it. Remember that everything will be ok and to use your tools.


I have been sick for the past couple of days which means I have missed some school. I know this is going to be difficult going back after being gone. I know I can do this though because I am strong and brave. My anxiety gets high in this situation and I am more stressed about missing school because of the work I need to make up. You do not need to stress about missing school because all you need to do is do the work you missed it is not that big of a deal. If you miss take time for yourself and do not worry about what you are missing. You will always be able to catch up. Remind yourself of this the next time you miss something important.