My Story

This is my story about all of my struggles from age 11 all the way up until now when I am 17 years old. It all started in sixth grade when I switched from elementary school to middle school. What started was my anxiety, depression, and stress. I felt so alone and confused about the situation. My parents were there to help me through the way. I felt alone because they did not really understand what I was going through. So when I started sixth grade I began experiencing depression. I would always want to go home during the school day. I would beg and beg. There was nothing wrong at school it was just my mental health illness to cause me to feel so miserable. I would cry all day long. It got so bad that I had to start a program called outpatient so I could learn how to manage my anxiety, depression, and stress. After I was going there for a few months they finally wanted to send me back to school. I did not want to go back to school so I said some bad words that landed me in inpatient. What I said was that I wanted to hurt myself which was not true but, they had to take it seriously. I stayed at inpatient for 3 days and then I actually needed to go back to school. I did it not because I wanted to but, that I had to. I was finally going back to school and no my crying did not stop, it continued. I was doing it though, facing my fears. After a few weeks I had graduated outpatient and then I was going to school full day. A few weeks later I broke my ankle walking in gym class. No one believed how bad it hurt because they all thought I was lying about it. It was truly broken though. After my ankle broke I was doing so well in school. I was so proud of myself. Now my anxiety has worsened and I am still managing it though. I hoped this helped you to not feel alone but, to stay strong.